Welcome app differences between machines

Noticed something odd with welcome.
both systems are 3.41-2.
The one on the left however is missing Update Mirrors (EndeavourOS)

Initially it was missing eos-update-notifier as well but it wasn’t installed for some reason.

I’m guessing it was from glitches/manual interventions or something, don’t know, only guessing.
I discovered this bc I decided to set the update check to monthly instead of daily on all my systems.

I don’t want to try this before I ask about it.
pacdiff shows

==> pacsave file found for /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist
:: (V)iew, (M)erge, (S)kip, (R)emove pacsave, (O)verwrite with pacsave, (Q)uit: [v/m/s/r/o/q] q

So how do I get Update Mirrors (EndeavourOS) in the menu so they are the same?

Do you have eos-rankmirrors installed?


Thankyou, that fixed it!

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