Weird startup KDE behavior and custom window decorations broken

I just swapped my laptop from manjaro gnome to eos plasma since i already use eos (i3) on my desktop, almost everything works fine but there is still some weird behavior i hope you could help me with.
On every startup the layout bug and things doesn’t show properly, for example if i right click on the desktop or the dock it’ll show icons without any text, but this is corrected after this manip :

kquitapp5 plasmashell
kstart5 plasmashell

Then i restart latte-dock and everything is restored (except right clicking on window bar still show the problem), it kills the confort of launching and having everything working immediately, so i was wondering if it was due to my hardware or if it can be fixed.

Second thing is minor i can live with it, if i use custom window decorations the window bar disapear but it works with default one and the lightly one (can’t remember if it is default i think its not).
What i call the window bar is the bar with the close and minimize buttons. I searched things on internet so i precise that my global scale is set on 100%, i’m using x11 and not wayland, and i’ve two monitors.

I may not be clear, so here’s images to show u both bugs, a neofetch and a full hardware list :
inxi :

Any help or advice is appreciated ty !

In the 1st image, it seems there is a plasmoid/applet in front (on top) of the settings window, not a menu.
If it is so, delete that plasmoid, or click somewhere else.

About decoration themes, some themes require other elements to be installed, in order for them to work as designed.
I usually check those custom themes’ webpage, and read usage/installation instructions.
Or find one that works properly, since many of them are not compatible with newer plasma/kde development changes.

There is no plasmoid/applet it did this no matter where i clicked on the bar. Today the bug didn’t appear for some reason :man_shrugging:
For the themes, yes i know, except i read those usage/installations and checked compatibility, i guess i’ll go with the it is what it is?
Edit : Today absolutely everything worked (even the window decorations), i guess i’ll close this, usual linux restart and it’ll somehow work…

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