Weird problem with usb mouse

So looks like i’ve been having this problem for a few days now, sometimes i have to click 3 or 4 times for the mouse click to work, be it to minimize a windows or click a link or anything related to mouse click, i am not really sure what’s wrong, restarting the pc seems to help but looks like this issue has been quite common on my end
Edit: i’ve cleaned the usb connectors with an anti static brush and isopropyl alcohol, i’ll see if that helps

Have you tried using another mouse at all?


not yet, i think it was yesterday that i noticed this issue not sure but i’ll try and test another mouse if necessary

I’d give that a go first just to rule it out before playing around with anything else.

thanks, i am going to swap the mouse now then


just swapped the mouse already, it’s an old microsoft mouse, i’ve had it maybe for 7 years not sure, the one i connected seems to be working fine but i’ll wait til tomorrow to find out how it goes

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Is this a Logitech mouse?

They have a history of the left click and right click switches getting tarnished or dirty contacts and causing problems like this.


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No it’s a microsoft usb mouse, my room gets dusty easily since there’s an airstrip in front of my house, i had to install dustproof on my pc case to help a little bit

Dead batteries?

Solved the problem by getting a new mouse


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