Weird empty line on the top of the screen when windows are maximized

Greetings EOS forum! I think I’m done with distro hopping and I’ve settled on Endeavour XFCE. Everything thus far has worked phenomenally well, except for one thing. When I mazimize a window, there’s this weird dead-zone-empty-line at the top of my screen which you can see on this link:

In this link Firefox is mazimized, and I have found complaints about browsers not maximizing properly, but in my case, everything maximizes this way; Thunar, XFCE Terminal, Discord, Spotify, ETC. When clicking on the line, it’s as though you click on the desktop, meaning the app becomes transparent as it is not considered to be on top anymore. Has anyone else experienced this before?

You can find the info about my system on this link:

Thank you in advance!

Edit: I do apologize if I have put this thread into a section that it does not belong to, I figured this is most likely XFCE issue.

Edit 2: Upon further inspection, there’s an empty space on the bottom and the right of the screen as well, identical to the one on top, it’s just that my wallpaper is bright at the top and not on the side and bottom so I haven’t noticed it until now. When I switch the panel on either side, the issue persists, the “empty zone” just switched to whatever new side is not being used anymore.

That doesn’t look like a line. It looks like there is a transparent border there.

Did you install an xfce theme? If so, which one?

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I have installed the Numix theme, but this issue persists even if I switch back to the default Arc. :thinking:

Edit: Clicking on the line brings up the desktop menu, so it’s not a transparent line:

Edit 2: Edited the original post, this dead zone is present on all the 3 sides where there’s no panel.