Weird dark theme issue?

Hello everyone.

For a little while (basically from fresh install, after toggling the dark mode switch) I’ve had a weird issue with my GNOME “theme” so to speak. I’ve not installed any new themes or anything like that or even really changed much of anything outside of the default, but some applications render in a “light mode” theme and some in a “dark mode” theme, for lack of a better explanation since I’m not too sure of the problem myself.

Here is a simple example using the Welcome App and the GNOME settings GUI of what I mean

I didn’t think too much of it until I was checking the GitHub links for EndeavourOS and noticed that Welcome was fully rendered as “dark” inside the example image for endeavouros-DE-fixes

Basically I guess I was just wondering if anyone has encountered something similar, or if there’s a way to run the EnedeavourOS DE fixes, or similar, to try to “repair” for lack of a better word my GNOME install.

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask it or if I’m missing out on any information I should’ve included.

Thank you!

Check your tweak app (which is likely also not on dark mode) and make sure legacy app use some kind of dark mode.

Some apps, especially those which wasn’t made specifically made for Gnome usually exempt from this dark/white mode rule.

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Thank you! It was this. I had left it on Adwaita (Default) assuming (Default) would follow whatever the not-legacy setting was, turns out this is not the case.
I appreciate it!

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