Weird "blueish overlay" effect with dynamic wallpaper on transition

Hi there,

I installed this dynamic wallpaper from here ( along with 3 others from that source. Generally I know how the xml needs to look like and where to store pics etc. The 3 other wallpaper sets Carvan, Big Sur and Catalina work perfectly fine. Just the DesertSand set has a weird effect / visual bug.

Whenever a transition starts to fade from picture a to picture b it starts with a complete “teal-blue” overlay with approximately 50% opaqueness and then fades to the next picture within the next 900 seconds.

Can anyone confirm this? I see no specific difference in provided xml files among the ones I use (just different transition durations and timings)

May this be cause in the way the png is stored? Absolutely clueless. I played around with transition durartions and already reordered stuff - no luck.

I’ll attach a screenshot when it happens the next time so you can see what I mean.

Thanks for ideas.

edit - added screnshot gallery from progress - befpre - 2x during - after transition

Found it. It must have been sth. in the png files provided. Metadata, transparency, …? No clue.

I saved them as jpg from withing gThumb and now it works. Any other conversion tool would do as well I suppose. May be even just re-saving them as png also.

Don’t forget to adjust the changed extensions in the corresponding xml file.

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