Weird behaviour of power management in GNOME

Hello all.

I recently installed EOS GNOME on my Slimbook ProX 15, and I am liking the experience so far.
I have however noticed one strange behavior. When I unplug my laptop, the screen brightness stays the same, and when I plug it in, the screen brightness goes to minimum value.
My idea of the power management would be exactly opposite of that. I would like the screen brightness to go down when I unplug the machine, and increase when I plug it back in.

I am not finding this specific setting in the power setting menu, or in the special settings. Am I missing something, or maybe I am missing an extension?

I am pretty sure this is much easier than I think it is. I am also nitpicking, because the battery life of this machine is awesome.

It sounds like a hardware quirk, and those things tend to be fixed by kernel updates.

Alright, will just monitor the behavior with each update.