Webstorm Crashing on start with BSPWM

Hey Yall Ive been loving EndevourOS for my new work machine but I am having an issue with webstorm, Im not sure if its a BSPWM issue or what. here is a screenshot of what happens when I open it.

Problems with Java applications

If you have problems, like Java application Windows not resizing, or menus immediately closing after you click, see Java#Gray window, applications not resizing with WM, menus immediately closing.

Furthermore, some applications based on Java can not display any window content at all (e.g. Intellij IDEs like PyCharm, CLion, etc). A solution is to install wmname and add the following line in your ~/.config/bspwm/bspwmrc:

wmname LG3D

Additionally, these errors can often be solved by setting an environment variable for the JVM within bspwmrc or a shell rc like ~/.bashrc, since BSPWM is a non reparenting WM.


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You can also try installing jetbrains’ java version. There is an aur package for this. I use it even on XFCE, as it allows a smoother font rendering inside the editor window.

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