WebP support in Gwenview?

If it helps I’m running KDE plasma,

I was wondering if there was a way to get WebP support in gwenview?
I found an older article that mentioned "imlib2-webp-git "
When I try to install that I get the following error

conflicting files:
- imlib2-webp-git: /usr/lib/imlib2/loaders/webp.so already exists in filesystem (owned by imlib2)

I tried searching a bit more and found


but none of them seem to help

My main goal is to get WebP support in Gwenview, so that I don’t have to switch image viewers, getting thumbnails to show in Dolphin would be a bonus.

Do you have qt5-imageformats installed?

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Well FML. That was it, now I feel dumb.

Thank you so much!!!

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