Webgl is disabled in LibreWolf

I go to a few sites that use webgl a lot. What’s the consensus on enabling it?

Setting webgl.disabled to false in about:config and restarting the browser should enable it.

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Yes. I found a website that explains that. I was just wondering how folks felt about enabling it. I m not too concerned, but others may feel differently.
Note: there is also another setting in about:config that needs to be enabled.


I see. I thought you wanted to know how to enable it.

When it comes to consensus in the Linux world, I, personally, couldn’t care less. I tend to use whatever works according to whatever my needs are.



seems to be working on my end :thinking:

From Librewolf’s documentation:


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You can also set webgl.enable-debug-renderer-info to false so that it gives less info such as the GPU card name.