Web hosting controlpanels?

Are there any hosting ControlPanels available for Arch / EOS and which would you recommend?

Honestly I think that they all avoid Arch-based work as it rolls too fast for them. The only one I could find in the AUR is Ajenti, and it is an old version.
If I was doing such a thing I’d probably try to make ISPConfig’s script work with Arch, or run a VM or two with Debian and ISPConfig.


No expert on this - but would a control panel in a docker instance do it for you? I know that works on EnOS!

Edit: ISPConfig doesn’t seem to have an OS requirement to work - does that help?

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litespeed comes with its own control panel. do you need a panel for shared hosting, or just for your own easy use?

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It’s a shared hosting server (debian) …

I meant: do you need to give other users access to their own stuff through the panel, like whm?

yep, customer need to get access to manage services (email, ftp, databases)

I think you’d be better off google-ing this, as new stuff pops up every year. a few years back, the options were pretty slim, maybe things have improved.

also, as @onyxnz mentioned, rolling is not the best idea for a server, due to frequent updates. ubuntu lts is usually the go-to distro for servers

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If you do go rolling for a server, a couple of simple tricks can stabilize a bit more…

  1. Set a schedule for updates (weekly?) and stick to it.
  2. Run updates on a separate machine first.
  3. Once that update is trouble-free for a week, use the Archive to set a date for updating the server to. Usually the previous week, as that is a known condition to update to. Th8is gives time for problems to surface, or be fixed, before being committed to the server.

Yes - it’s more work (though not MUCH more) - but it can sidestep the simple problems of a rolling server setup.

If there is REALLY low criticality on uptime,. just go for it! Actual problems are low - maybe 1 or 2 a year so far…

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