Weather on I3 bar

Hi Team,

Where to edit weather on I3 bar? I didn’t see anything in ~/.config/i3 file
Or i miss something?

The output of the bar is configured in /etc/i3status.conf. Usually you would copy that to ~/i3status.conf I believe. For real information check here :grinning:

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I’ll check then. Thanks.

i3status is not used by default on EndeavourOS-i3-setup…
We do use i3-blocks:

weather (openweather you need to get city code and apikey first [adding it to ~/.config/i3/scripts/]) get your api key here: and City code: (search your city and take the city code from the url in your browser [7 numbers at the end of the url])

or use the second weather script included:
this will need to change the executable on blocks:

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Thank you!