Weather Cities

I have been searching through the weather cities available, and my city is missing from the list, with many others missing too. Is there any chance this could get updated? (I have typed a city that’s somewhere else, as to not dox myself)

Weather apps are third party programs and EndeavourOS does not maintain them. You should check what program you are using and ask the maintainer of that project.

On a sidenote, some weather apps allow users to change the source of the weather data. So maybe the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (seen at the bottom left of your picture) does not have data for some towns, but other providers do.

The weather data provider is the important thing here and most likely even the maintainer of the app itself can’t do much about it, if the weather provider doesn’t have the data.


It’s the GNOME weather app, but it doesn’t seem like it can be changed.

Check if you can find your town here (top right search button).

If you can find it, it is actually a problem with the weather app, as someone else mentioned inside the GNOME weather app bug tracker. Also check this.

Sadly you most likely can’t do much. Maybe write another bug report, but as it seems that others already had the same problem and nothing changed, you may be out of luck.

There are many ‘non-system’ weather apps, some of which are quite granular in their coverage. I use a feed from OpenWeather in my conky for example, and have displays for Magdalena NM, Satellite Beach FL, Westerly RI, Toronto ON, Frankfurt DE, Dresden DE, New Delhi IN, Macleay Isl AU - which is a pretty wide distribution of possibilities, sizes and locations!

Almost always on Linux, there is a ‘better way’, or least a viable alternative out there…

I use GNOME but not its weather app.

Instead, I use an extension, OpenWeather Refined, which adds an icon on the top bar and clicking on it will show some details about the weather conditions of your location.

Looks like you would need to take the umbrella with you if you are in Trenčín.



I couldn’t get the location changed for some reason, always stays at ‘My location’ for some reason.

Don’t feel bad. Half the time, the KDE weather widget doesn’t fetch the weather data.

Hoping KDE 6 will fix this.

You could open its settings and under Locations click on the location you want to be enabled.

That doesn’t work, just stays as is.

It works fine on my end.

I’m afraid I have no more suggestions.

PS. or one last one: remove all the locations but the one you want to be a enabled. A “Quick & Dirty” fix, sorry :blush: