We got 3rd place on distrowatch this month!

I’m pretty sure it’s wellknown, but still can’t help sharing my joy. We got 3rd place this month!

With Manjaro going down we have some nice chances of moving further up. :sunglasses:



I already saw a couple of posts about this in the forum and led to quite some controversies.

Still exciting! Representative population of users? Probably not but indicates a trend :+1: up

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Maybe in some time we will pass Manjaro and be on 2nd place!! And who knows, 1st place isn’t that far! :heart_eyes: :eyes:

In the end it’s free advertisement. Even if it’s hard to tell if and what the number actually means for a distro, people tend to talk a lot about this ranking.

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I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Using the EOS has now become very easy. A constantly updated distribution, recommended for everyone who is bored e.g. the Ubuntu / Mint / Debian line.

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Aaaaaaaand… we did!


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It seems to be Debian based, so I didn’t bother to look further into the matter.