Wayland Dual Monitor Issue

Hey there,

I use Wayland Hyprland, wlr-randr as an alternative to xrandr. Anyways, moving to the main issue.

I was recently trying to output my laptop screen to my TV using an hdmi cable, after a few configs, i got everything working just Perfectly. Except one thing, i cant turn off my laptop screen and it just eats my cpu power and battery.

I tried wlr-randr --output eDP-1 -off, and it restarted the gui of both my laptop and my tv screen. Which ended up bringing me to the login screen.

So, i was wondering, if anyone of you can suggest me a fix for this. I would be thankful, if you do so.


Hi I have been having display issues as well.

Can you help us help you by displaying the following outputs in a terminal?

xrandr --listmonitors



As i have mentioned, i use wlr-randr since xrandr does not work on wayland. But i will provide you with the data you asked for.

xrandr output:


wlr-randr output:


Sorry for bad quality, since i have to take this from my phone because electricity is gone and my WiFi will not work.

Forgot to mention, that i tried xrandr in budgie and it works perfectly fine. Its either a wlr-randr issue or wayland issue.

And tried with kanshi or wldisplays?

I am assuming there are gui display tools for wayland, which i have not tried any yet. Lemme do so pretty quickly.

i dont know how to use kanshi, so i used wdisplays, and it ended up doing the same thing as wlr-randr.

yeah i am kinda noob in this :slight_smile:

No issues, thanks for the attempt though.