Way to connect DirectInput Controller as PS4 controller on Steam

Hi, I have a Gamesir T4K which recently got support on Linux. On my Windows partition I am able to put it in DirectInput Mode and Steam reads it as a PS4 controller. On Linux that’s not the case. I did research and to my understanding Linux uses a different input system (I think its called SDL) over DirectInput. However, I know that PS4 has great support on Linux and I was wondering whether I can make my controller also connect as a PS4 controller.

Here is the dmesg from me swapping to the Switch mode and then trying to swap to DI mode. Seems it recognizes it as a PS4 controller but for some reason can’t get reportID 18. Any fixes?

I also can’t load and unload the hid-sony driver

Have you had a look at this yet? It may help

Also in future try to use code tags instead of images as they are easier to see/translate for non english speakers

Already looked at it and tried everything. The closest I could find to my issue was this forum post on the Arch forums but it didn’t work either.