Watch Netflix, et al. with QtWebFlix in HD!

QtWebFlix is a Qt webengine browser application to watch Netflix and other streaming services.

Available in Arch Linux AUR pkgs.

Check it out, works pretty well!



Firefox also plays it in 1080p actually (netflix at least). :man_shrugging:

In my browser configurations it doesn’t play. Neither on MacOS, nor on Linux, and I like it that way. So I prefer a dedicated application to view Netflix…

To each their own.


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Looks good, but there seems to be a problem with it, it seems to require of me to have a Netflix account. Utterly ghastly!

What would my friends think of me if they found out that I paid for my entertainment? No, no, such a thing is unthinkable!

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Account-sharing across households is still very popular on Netflix. Noone knows, how long it will continue to be that way.

I don’t have Netflix but I do have an eye patch and a wooden leg.


Don’t sit close to the camp fire!

Torrenting sites are actually blocked here in the Netherlands lucky for me I only download Linux ISO’s and I never heard of a VPN.

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Thanks for the post, @anon11595408. I use it to stream HBOMax ( and attempt it with Amazon Prime ( is a workaround). It’s easy to create .desktop configs for each, and assign separate icons.

But I use for Netflix solely.

They both use the qt5-webengine package(s).

Since my wife and I are cheap, we stream all of our entertainment to my desktop computer. Windows does a good job of it, though I tend to use Edge browser to setup HBOMax as an App and use Netflix & Amazon Prime Video apps from the MS Store.

Decent streaming quality is a must-have in Linux and is often hit-and-miss. Last summer HBOMax’s Widevine encryption was too strict for any browsers to stream from it in Linux. Just some engineer’s decision that was changed at some point, willy-nilly, and it started once again streaming come winter. None of the streaming services seem to take Linux users into account.