Was there an outtage on servers or something?

Because I’ve never seen a share ratio anywhere near like this before on my Endeavour torrents!!!


Mine is in the same range it’s always been. What Torrent client are you using?

Transmission installed on my NAS, so it can be available 24/7

Use qTorrent here on a PC. I really haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary with any of the (3) ISOs I’m hosting.

The other 3 I’m hosting are pretty normal looking (KDE Neon, Debian 12.5, OpenSUSE LEAP 15.5), but this one in the last 2 weeks leaped up the share ratio. Given I’ve been sharing the torrents for a couple years now and never had my EndeavourOS share ratio surpass ~10, seeing that number was…unexpected (doubly since it doesn’t correspond to the data it says it’s uploaded, which is more akin to a ratio of 14).
But really, I just thought it was kinda funny seeing that large a share ratio.

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