Warning OpenRGB

Hello, I get this message every time when I launch openRGB, and program is working, but I I don’t known what is the warning mean

lsmod | grep i2c
i2c_dev 28672 0
i2c_algo_bit 20480 1 i915
i2c_i801 45056 0
i2c_smbus 20480 1 i2c_i801
i2c_hid_acpi 16384 0
i2c_hid 40960 1 i2c_hid_acpi

Not a OpenRGB user but according to the message, you would need to load the i2c_dev module.

Also, you would need to load

i2c_piix4 ( AMD systems)


i2c_i801 (Intel systems)

:eye: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Kernel_module


which seem to be loaded (posted lsmod output :wink: ).
In this case, it is a pure informational message, which doesn’t check the loaded modules.
OP can just tick the checkbox to Don’t show this message again :person_shrugging: .

What does 0 mean in the output? I thought (perhaps mistakenly) that the 0 indicates not loaded. Or perhaps not used?

I don’t know what zero means either, but since it is shown in the list, it is loaded.

Alright. Thanks for the reply!

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This command will return:

1 if the port is disabled
0 if the port is enabled

lsmod will show you I2C modules which are loaded:

lsmod | grep i2c

i2c_bcm2835 16384 0
i2c_dev 20480 0


So the modules showing a zero (0) are loaded, i.e. it is probably safe to ignore the warning, like @petsam already hinted. :wink:


Yes, it means it’s not currently being used. If it was in use, there would be a positive number instead of 0, and if it is being used by another module, the output would also show what module(s) it was being used by.

For example, this shows that trusted is in use on my system, and is being used by 2 modules, encrypted-keys and dm_crypt:

Stagger_Lee: lsmod | grep trusted
trusted                36864  2 encrypted_keys,dm_crypt

I use zram for swap; if I turn my swap off, I get this:

Stagger_Lee: lsmod | grep zram
zram                   45056  0

Turning swap back on, I get:

Stagger_Lee: lsmod | grep zram
zram                   45056  2

Great, that explains it all! Thanks!


This is my output with OpenRGB running (intel)

lsmod | grep i2c
i2c_i801 45056 1
i2c_smbus 20480 1 i2c_i801
i2c_dev 28672 16

Read this for more information: https://gitlab.com/CalcProgrammer1/OpenRGB#smbus-access-1

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