Wanted to report weird glitch after install with nvidia card -- fixed by chrooting in and installing drivers

Idk if anyone else ever experienced that problem. for some reason it just kept initializing to glitched out raster-looking distortion – like an old x glitch with bad settings lol.

anyway, i ended up fixing it by going back in with the USB and chrooting in to / then installing nvidia drivers on the system from the install USB.

i dont think this is particularly a major issue and i didnt really look into the base settings. its probably somehow the graphics drivers are configured on base install. Id bet it would be fixed once the web installer is running so it can dynamically grab packages anyway.

I think its probably because nouveau may not be installed by default if you have nvidia. anyway i just thought this was worth a mention on here. if it is that nouveau isnt on the disk it should be added so at least the system boots properly enough to install the drivers from teh OS itself after install.

Im obviously up and running fine now (removed welcome package, removed xfce and swapped desktops and login manager, pretty much just wanted a pure arch installer)

I do think this is a pretty good arch installer… but when i looked into the repos i though tit was weird theres still a reference to ‘endeavoros repos’, but if you check the file there is actually no repos.

this is fine because i only wanted to use the arch repos. but it also seems silly to have left the line in the pacman config file.

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First of all welcome. We removed the nouveau drivers, because it was causing boot problems for the live ISO.
We know it isn’t ideal, but it is better for the live ISO to use the nouveau kernel drivers.

I understand that you wanted a pure Arch install, but if you clicked on the Nvidia button in the menu, you would have discovered that with our Nvidia-installer you only had to type in: sudo nvidia-installer and your correct drivers would’ve been installed.

Glad you like the distro to run it on bare metal.

EndeavourOS is only pretty-much an arch-installer, as we do use our own repository for some tools and apps we need for convenience.