Wanted: EndeavourOS KDE install/live media

Yeah, Zorin OS is a good distro for non-technical users, no doubt about it.

Solus is also a good candidate.

I love Fedora, but I would not give it to non-technical people, as it’s almost as complicated as anything Arch-based.

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I know exactly why I abandoned Manjaro

In the end it seems like it’s more about what you hate and like, but not on what your relative needs. We can just give you hints what is best from our own experience with inexperienced users. But overall it seems like you want to make your life hard by trying to force an arch based distro or any non-easy distro onto your relative.


If you look at this topics title, you will see what I chose to be best, for my mother as user as well as for me as system maintainer. Didn’t ask for a recommendation for alternative distros or DEs.


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Well, but you said that you don’t want to maintain it and you don’t have time. That’s basically the catch with all of this. You maybe should think outside the box, because all the things you mentioned in this thread go wildly against what you yourself require from a system you install for your relative.

Doing an arch install with KDE will be incredibly annoying in the long run and will give you A LOT of work to make it usable for an inexperienced user.

I have an own life and a job to do, my time is limited. So I am f*cked anyway.

That was my thinking, too, and I installed Linux Mint. Since then no problems with constant support requests from my mother. It just works for her tasks. And if your relative wants to just use a text editor, browser, light photo editing and email program, this is probably the best course of action. So maybe you should ask your mother what she wants to do with her PC and act accordingly to that.


Tried openSuse. Yast confused me massively.

Windows FTW then ?
Or Chrome OS for no maintenance!

Have you read this topic’s title?

Have you read this topic’s title?

The topic was already answered. Currently there is no KDE live environment for EOS and you need to create one yourself or do an online install. The rest in this thread is just fluff around what you want to achieve with this.


You said it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!

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This has a simple and straightforward answer, which has already been provided:

You may not like that answer, but that is how it be.

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I hate to say it, but Manjaro KDE might be an option.

Manjaro can also be set to the vanilla KDE theme if requested, at least it looks like Endeavour KDE for now :wink:

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Unfortunately, we’re not the distro for everybody.

You say you want a live .iso so she can TRY plasma, BUT, you also said it’s the only thing she’s going to run because you’re the system maintainer. . .

What’s to try then? Just install EOS to her system the way you want to maintain it then??

It really sounds to me like you just want to complain and cry for something that isn’t going to happen. You’ve been told you can create your own iso…

If it’s just a trial for mom, give her a live KaosOS media and let her try it out and then just install EOS after.

Or keep posting asking for a specific solution you can’t have instead of using one several already made available to you.

/Thread. It’s solved.


Already recommended, and rejected. The OP does not seem to want any constructive suggestions.


why no ask her want she want ! :blush: or show how to install from iso
( she can pick what like )

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You see how she reacts to suggestions … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I don’t know whether that is unfortunate or fortunate, but regardless, it is a fact.

There is no one-distro-fits-all.


Linux mint.

Prove me wrong. (it’s even the right color).

Thanks everybody.
I will unfollow my own topic now, so you may post whatever you like here.