Wanted: EndeavourOS KDE install/live media

Hi guys, is there a install/live media that comes with Plasma5?
I need one to give it to an older relative of mine who has never used linux before for a test drive and I think plasma suits that person much better than xfce.

You can just do the online installation, and choose KDE as the desktop.

The only situation where an offline KDE installation would be useful is when there is no internet access. But that’s such a marginal case, I’m not sure it’s worth maintaining a separate ISO for that.

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So I will need to look for a different distro, as I want the mentioned user to test drive a Plasma live system before I decide to install. And I definitively will not present xfce as first Linux experience to that user.

If your relative never used Linux I would recommend another distro. Especially if he is not a technical user and you don’t want to constantly help him. EOS is a terminal centric distro and even if you manage to make it all user friendly by installing a lot of GUI tools, it can be pretty annoying for him in the long run.

Go for something like Mint, Kubuntu or Debian.


Well, yes, it’s best not to introduce Arch to “older relatives who have never used Linux before”. Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop is probably the best choice.

However, keep in mind that using a live image is nowhere near the same experience as using an installed OS. Live images are much less performant.

That said, you could install EndeavourOS on a removable drive, or you could create your own ISO live image. Neither of these options are recommended for your specific need, but you can do what you want.


I will not have my mother try Cinnamon, as I think Plasma5 will fit her workflow best.
And as I have to maintain the system, I will not use anything *buntu or debian based.

Okay :man_shrugging:t3:

My prediction is that your mother will remain on windoze, but time will tell.

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Cinnamon is pretty good for people who usually are using Windows. Also Cinnamon is A LOT simpler than KDE, which is perfect for non technical users.

My mother is using it for two years now and never had any complains.


Optionally, install EnOS Plasma in Virtualbox. Use the virtual disk in the other system.

Exactly. Sometimes it is worth putting aside one’s preferences and consider what is actually best for the user.

I’ve turned off several coworkers from even considering Linux, when I showed them my workflow. I try not to do that…

There is another benefit to Linux Mint Cinnamon: it’s much easier to maintain it than Arch. So if you give it to a relative, but you continue to maintain it, you don’t have to update their computer every week or so. With Arch, there is a lot more work involved, so it’s best that the user maintains his or her own system.

My Opinion? Create an ISO special Edition for that :wink:

Or I can suggest KaOS —> https://kaosx.us/ arch from scratch Plasma Distro


You know there isn’t one, so there are plenty of other distros that have a Plasma live environment to choose from.

It’s not hard to create your own ISO, especially for a veteran like you, with Plasma as the default DE, this way you can present it the way you like a distro to be.

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There are massive disadvantages with Mint:
The package manager
The short lifespan.
No Mint!

I don’t know which install media exist, my system’s an ancient antergos, “converted” to endeavour, I haven’t installed endeavour at all in my life :wink:
Seems I will reinstall win10 for my mother then.

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I know…

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Called it. A bit sooner than I expected, though. :rofl:


I don’t get what you are saying. What’s wrong with Mint? The package manager is perfect for non technical users and the update philosophy, too. It’s a really good distro for people who don’t know much about Linux and PCs in general and use it for the “usual” tasks.

I wouldn’t use Mint either, but that’s because I can handle myself inside an arch environment. But my standard should not dictate what is best for others.

I’m so fed up with reinstalling that WIndows thing after avery massive “functionality” update, really hoped to move her to endeavour with Plasma, but that seems to require also a lot of work, like creating an own iso, which I have always failed in, alternatively buying a second usb media (yes, there’s only one available here) to install endeavour on. I have an own life and a job to do, my time is limited. So I am f*cked anyway.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Yeah, I totally understand you. That’s why I recommended Mint for your mother’s computer. :wink:

It takes almost no time to install it, and it’s trivially simple to maintain it. I don’t get what issue you have with Debian package management used by Mint, apt is an entirely adequate package manager. And regarding “short” lifespan, more often than not you can just update to the next version, or if you have to reinstall, that’s really simple, too.


I had been using Mint in the past, no way I will ever deal with it again.There’s no Mint Plasma by the way.