Want to exercise your brain?

There are a lot of smart logical people around here. Want to exercise your brain?

Since I am reaching the age of senility, here is a puzzle site I frequent to help stay sharp. I found today’s puzzle rather intriguing. Looks like somewhere in Africa? I have no idea what Dornsk an Koogem means. Wow, I googled this and it is in Nebel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany!!


This link takes you to the medium level for this puzzle. There is an easy and hard level also.
This link takes you to the daily offerings

Between this site and a couple of crossword puzzles, I try to keep my mental acuity…Now what was I saying? :pensive:


i like to play sudoku

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Today I made a description with examples for alternative firmware Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro :nerd_face: The author of the firmware has approved my work and asked permission to use the website firmware. I myself use this firmware on my Scooter Pro :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’ve hear, a glass champagne is good as stuf against parkingson… brain vitamins :slight_smile:

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