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Hi there,

I’ve initially chose a wallpaper using the :enos: welcome script, but now I just want a solid_color as background, how can I get rid of the current wallpaper?

I’ve set the color #000000
cat ~/.config/sway/config.d/output | grep background

output HDMI-A-1 resolution 3840x2160 pos 0 1080 background #000000 solid_color
output DP-2 resolution 3840x2160 pos 3840 0 background #000000 solid_color
output DP-3 resolution 3840x2160 pos 3840 2160 background #000000 solid_color

I’ve also commented the line in theme
cat ~/.config/sway/config.d/theme | grep -A2 wallpaper

# Set wallpaper:
#exec swaybg -i ~/.config/sway/sway.png

Since that did not worked, I even renamed the file sway.png to something else and reloaded sway. This crashed waybar without removing the wallpaper !
help please

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I know nothing about sway - but why not name your solid colour as sway.png and see what happens?

Have you logged out and logged back in (or rebooted)? For some reason, just reloading Sway didn’t work for me.


logging out did it, thx


You’re welcome. That had me puzzled for quite some time! Normally, a reload works for most other changes.

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