Waking from hibernation failed

Hi all, I am new to Eos,
just arriving from my 2nd install that I did to install the Nvidia driver right from iso-install (previous was on nouveau first).
(I reinstalled because when testing hibernation the OS failed waking… )
I saw some older posts here, the latest from December 23* that additional steps are/were required to make hibernate work. This still the case?

I’m coming from a different Arch based system and I have to laud:
This is the best nvidia driver experience so far.

The below post might be related as well, pointing at the Awiki entry - point 10.

Are these additional steps recommended for all Nvidia users?

*December 2023 thread: Hibernation stops working after last upgrade

They worked for me.

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The additional steps or sleeping/hibernating in general without special configuration?

The steps in the Arch wiki as stated above.

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