Waiting 30 seconds for device ‘/dev/disk/by-label/

Hello everyone, first of all, I want to clarify that the image that I uploaded is not exactly the iso of endevour, but since I could not take a screenshot, I used the one I found. I have the same problem that is shown in the image when I want to install endevour os, does anyone know what I can do?

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I had the same issue once when I used rufus in ISO mode. Issue persisted across two USB sticks. I fixed it by writing in DD mode instead.


i will try that thanks Dougie

I was able to install the ISO that way you told me, thanks man


My solution (for people who may experience this error in the future):
You can go to /dev/disk/by-label (cd /dev/disk/by-label), list all files, and there should be a file that has a similar name (but not the one the boot process expects), mv [this-filename] arcolinux-v18.9.5-x86_64, exit, the boot process should move forward.

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