Vscode will not start with german language

In a recently installed vscode-oss-1.86.2-1, I first installed the German Language Pack under “Configure Display Language”. After that vscode needs to restart, but when closing the following Electron window opens:

I have no idea what i should do with this.
When restarting vscode, it opens again with the English interface, although the German extension pack is displayed as “installed”. The German translation files are installed under my ~/.vscode-oss, so it should have access to them.
I have no more ideas what’s wrong. Can you help?

Can you try to start vscode from the command line with this command?

$ code . --locale=de

Is the display language properly set when you launch vscode from the command line? If it isn’t, are there any error messages returned?

I just wonder why you see that electron window. I have vscodium installed (with marketplace) and I start directly into codium and don’t have to close nor do I see an electron window.

I use the german language pack as well and a simple restart worked.

I in the beginning often asked myself what to choose: vscode, vscode-oss or codium. I never used vscode-oss but switched from MS version vscode to codium recently and with the additional marketplace package I’m pretty fine.

So if you don’t have to many customizations I’d just try the other package(s) → codium

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This had no effect to the language. And there are no messages in Konsole.
The locale seems ok to me:

[frank@EOS ~]$ locale 

I didn’t know vscodium. I have searched for “visual studio code” and found “code” in the arch repo and some more hits in the aur repo. So i thought that code were the right program.
I will give vscodium a try.
Thanks :+1:

this might help to distinguish things (mainly vscodium and code-oss share the same base)

Hi Peter,
thanks for the link that explained the differences.
In the meantime I have installed vscodium, which is working correctly so far (as far as I can see this as noob).
So I will mark this thread as solved. :+1:
I will ask further questions in separates threads.

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