VSCode changes default for directories, files, etc

Hey all,

I’m using visual-studio-code-bin from the AUR and when ever it updates, it changes itself to be the default for opening files and directories. I have to go back into the mineinfo.cache file and change it back.

It just did it again, here is an example of it messing with the order:


It seems to happen on updates. I’d appreciate any assistance in getting that to stop.

VSCode is in the repos (extra/code), why are you using the one from the AUR?

Especially the binary one that has all the M$-SpywareTM in it… :grimacing:

Because I wanted to use the marketplace without much issue, and I think code has the same issue with VSCode stealing paths. Though if it doesn’t, I’ll make the switch soon

No idea, I don’t use it.

I use vscodium-bin and I don’t have this issue(at least I don’t think so since I’ve never noticed it but I don’t use it very often) and it also has the marketplace available for installing extensions.

Binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing.

Edit: maybe it does have the same problem, I’ll be sure to check next update


Just tested, has the same issue :(.

Maybe these will help you find a solution?

As far as I know, the code found in the Arch repos is the version without MS ‘monitoring’, and I have not had any trouble with it changing default filetypes. Of course, that COULD be that I dealt with it before installing it (by setting up my intended defaults beforehand) - or it could be with the settings changes I have made to it (colour schemes, lua extensions, conky extensions etc) - but I have had no difficulties getting access to the extension collections either. Hope this info helps (and updates are simpler! - the only trick is that I have a ‘custom’ icon in my plank dock display, that needs to be changed after every update - but I have a script for that…)

Enjoy the customization - it really is pretty good despite its origin…

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