VS Code Terminal Shortcuts do not work

Hi guys! I have just installed endeavouros into my laptop. I have interesting problem. When i install some distro into my laptop i change keyboard shortcuts in terminal app and in order to use habitual shortcuts in VS Code terminal. For example i change in Konsole keyboard shortcuts of Copy and Paste (CTRL+SHIFT+C, CTRL+SHIFT+V) to habitual CTRL+C and CTRL+V and open vs code and try to use them in vs code terminal. But it does not work. In Konsole my new shortcuts work but in VS Code don’t. How can i solve this problem?

Simply because VS Code uses it’s own terminal emulator, not Konsole.

You’d need to change the keybinding in vscode itself.
Press CTRL + K, CTRL + S to open the Keyboard shortcut settings, then search for “terminal paste” and “terminal copy” and change the bindings as desired.

Also see: https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/getstarted/keybindings

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Wow, i didn’t expect for a such quick response. Thanks mate, it works now. But when i used other distros that approach worked, weird. And again thanks for quick response :slight_smile: