VPN Only Select Applications

I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to route only selected applications through a VPN on Linux. This is also called inverse split-tunnelling. I am using protonvpn and would like to only have the game I’m playing to go through the VPN as it blocks some content due to regional restrictions. On Windows I used to do that with expressvpn, noping and exitlag.

PIA allows that. Expressvpn should provide feature parity from WIndows to Linux, but hasn’t yet.

If I could avoid another VPN plan that would be great. Would it be possible to only route the traffic of one application to the tun0 interface?

Sorry for digging up a (kind of) old thread, but something like proxy chains might be able to do what you want. It won’t route the traffic through a specific interface like you asked about, but it will route traffic from a specific program through the proxy(s) you config it for.

unfortunately doesn’t work with all applications/games (e.g spotify)

I suspect that pfsense would allow this but it would be very complicated.

I will check out the new Protonvpn app for Linux and see if maybe they added the feature. All I want to do is to VPN FFXIV to California where the servers are.

If not I guess I could use @dodgypast 's solution, I have used pfsense at multiple occasions. Sadly the link is blocked on my work computer, so I will check later.