Volume control doesn't stay on taskbar

On my old notebook I installed Endeavour OS with LXDE enviroment and works great except one minor annoyance. Default keyboard combination for volume doesn’t work, so I added volume control to taskbar. The problem is that volume control doesn’t stay in taskbar on restart.

Notebook is ASUS X71A

Any idea ?

Hi @replenish ,

I suppose you have sorted out the volume control for yourself by now? :sleeping: :wink:

Just in case you have not and for other readers I can tell you I experienced the same issue on day one. I soon found that it is Pulse Audio that is in control of volume so have just added it to my panel for speed and convenience. (To take screenshot for you)

As you can see it defaults to output devices - in this case porting the built in speakers controlling the volume of the web video playing. You can also choose headphones or line-out. The lower blue line in the window is dynamic so that you can see that the peak is not exceeding a safe level. Hope this helps? :thinking: