Voice changer suggestions?

Hello i’m new to endeavour and have used manjaro and a few debian/ubuntu based distro’s i’m just wondering if there are any voice changers/voice modulators for linux. i have tried lyrebird but that one doesn’t work that’s why i left manjaro and went back to linux mint since i thought that it worked on there come too find out it didn’t for some reason, and since i wanted too try endeavour again i installed it and am probably gonna use this one till i know the arch commands a little better and then try vanilla arch. (sorry if this is a little confusing English is not my first language)

Maybe pitchbox?
But you’d probably have better control and options by using a VST Host and using VST Plugins.
Something like EasyEffects or Carla. EasyEffects may be simpler to use but you’ll be a little more limited in plugins that it supports. Whereas a full VST Host like Carla will give you a lot more options. You can just do a duckduckgo search for voice changing vst plugins or variation thereof.