VNC Connection Stalling (x11vnc)


Relatively new to EndeavourOS, switched from Manjaro. I’ve encountered the following error and I wonder if someone has recommendations how to get to the bottom of it:

Client: ThinkPad X1 running EndeavourOS; Build ID: 2021.08.27 Gnome 41.1 with X11; Using Remmina as the VNC client.
Server: Intel NUC Pentium J5005 running EndeavourOS; Build ID: 2021.08.27 Xfce 4.16; Using x11vnc as the VNC server. The system is running headless.

VNC Server launched via Autostart menu with the following command: x11vnc -display :0 (Trigger: On login)

Observed behavior: When rebooting the server, I can connect to the VNC server and everything works like a charm. Super-happy. After a while however, Remmina will stop transmitting any input, be it keyboard or mouse. The graphical connection however remains active and continues working (I can see the clock ticking, etc) and the mouse pointer switches to Xfce.

Additional notes: Disconnecting VNC at that point will “break” the vncserver and I need to reboot the machine for it to get going again.

Question: How can I identify what’s causing the disconnect?

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Fixed it by reading a manual. The -forever argument when starting x11vnc is all it took: x11vnc -display :0 -forever

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