Vmware - Videos lagging and no sound

Hello all. I’m thinking about switching from Windows to a Linux based system. After watching tons of videos of different distros and comparisons I decided to give Endeavour_Os a try. Before I install it as a daily driver I want to test it plus I want to learn more about the system. I learned a lot about Pacman, AUR and different terminal commands.

I’m currently running into problems. Problem is that videos in Firefox won’t play smoothly plus I hear no sound and IDK what’s wrong. I’m afraid that I will run into the same issue when installing it on my NVME. Could you guys tell me what might be the issue here?

First those issues are likely due to the fact that you are running virtualized.

As for the video, there could be multiple issues.

  • What resources did you give the VM from both a CPU and GPU perspective. By default, video decoding is probably happening on the virtualized CPU.
  • Can you share some of the sites you are watching videos from where you see that behavior(Don’t share them if they are NSFW :wink:)
  • How much lag are you seeing? There will be a small delay in this case no matter what because you are passing everything through a virtualized GPU.

Audio should “just work” with vmware assuming you have the default audio devices in your VM. We can help you troubleshoot this if you want but that will only help you with the VM experience. Real hardware will be different and probably work just fine unless you have some obscure audio hardware.

Even with a very powerful host computer, it is very difficult to have the VM experience be as smooth as running the OS on bare metal.

It depends. With Virtualbox, no. But with Vmware Workstation? In a Job i had 2 Years ago, i was forced to use Windows as Host. Installed VMware Workstation and as Guest a Debian. And it was running like hell. Even 4k 60fps Youtube content. I worked with that Virtual Machine until the Project was finished (~1 year).

If i need to guess, i think OP use Window now as Host. If yes, i would first check if 3D Accleration is enabled and if, and this is importent, the Guest drivers are installed from the vmware guest iso.

As someone who uses both of those tools I can tell you that video support in vmware is substantially better than virtualbox. Virtualbox development goes at a snails pace and virtually everything else has completely surpassed it.

Yep, like i said :slight_smile:
Virtualbox is really nice for little testing. Or to run VMs without a GUI/terminal only. But to really work with it, or to test a OS for days/weeks, it is a pain in the a**. Then it is better to use the Vmware Workstation trail for 30 days if somebody didnt own a ship with few crewmembers to sail to the “every you want for free” island :laughing:

You’d probably have a better experience from a live usb; more accurate too in that you would be able to see how it interacts with your actual hardware. But, better yet, if you just shrink your windows partition a little you could install it and dual boot for the best experience. Then, if you don’t like it, it’s easy enough to delete the partition and reclaim it.

same problem here