VMware: Can't copy files from guest to host machine

When copy files from guest then paste to host the error occurs but from host to guest work normally.
Currently status: EndeavourOS 5.7.5-arch1-1 with VMware Workstation Pro 15.5.6


I think copy/paste files from guest->host requires the vm-tools to be running on the host. Have you tried that?

If not, you can do that like this:

sudo pacman -S open-vm-tools
sudo systemctl enable --now vmtoolsd.service

As a side note, I usually use shared folders to move files from the guest to the host but that may not work with your workflow.

service is running already :frowning:

Right now, I shared folders but sometimes I need to ctrl+c, ctrl+p

On both the host and the guest?

from: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/VMware
I have running all systemd services on host and on the guest is running vmtoolsd.service already.

Do I have to run others ?

The only time I have seen that issue was when something wasn’t running on the host. If the host is arch-based, you need to run vmtoolsd.service on the host and the guest. It isn’t included in the vmware-workstation package. If it isn’t arch-based, it may be called something else.

Alternatively, you could be seeing some other error that I just haven’t run into. :grin:

I will try with vmtoolsd.service on both.
Thanks :wink:

As a workaround you could use scp or rsync to copy files or folders between guest and host; as long as you can ssh into the guest. This works in both directions.
I do this for headless vm’s.