Vlc player can't play avi nor mp4 after pacman -Syu

I used to be able to play mp4 files in vlc player… but now it is no longer playing… in fact, it does not play avi file also. … it does not even open mp3 files. What has happened ? when double clicked the media file, vlc just “bouncing” and then gone… nothing.
I just $sudo pacman -Syu and then shutdown last night.

No problems here, on any computer.

Oh no, it has nothing to do with audio output.
The whole vlc not playing. It is there, but not playing. The vlc tray icon also there.

I tried your method, it does not seems to do anything.
Then i saw it does not even responding to my clicking anymore.
Hence used "ctrl+alt+esc " on it. Boy ! i adore this shortcut :laughing: i think it is linked to PK KILL!.
After i killed it, and restart vlc, it is all ok now. In linux, when app freeze, it behaves so much diff than that on window os. It simple like nothing happened, but could be actually freezed. In windows os, when it freeze, it is very obvious that the program has freeze… it even became dull color…
Anyway, thanks

there is also pidof:

pidof vlc
kill 100052

will kill vlc.

And depending on DE in use there are different ways a frozen app can be handled or show up…


Isn’t this pidof just to generate the ID of the program ?
i think “$ls” with certain option also can print out the ID , isn’t it ? just want to to know*

No. You’re probably thinking of ps.

ps -u username

will list all processes by the user username.

ps -e

will list all processes.

For more info: man ps

There is also pgrep, for example

pgrep processname

will give you the process id for process processname.

This is similar to pidof. For more info: man pgrep

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