VLC lags during first seconds of audio playback

I’ve been opening some mp3 files with VLC and every time it lags or skips during the first couple seconds after it’s opened. If I set the seekbar all the way back when it’s already open, then it will play correctly. This problem is not present when I play FLAC files.
What setting(s) should I change? MPV plays audio normally but I prefer to use VLC for audio.
I am on KDE Plasma.

I have this problem with vlc, too.
I’m on kde plasma.

I just recently tried VLC again and had the problem with videos. Constant minimal stuttering. Audio I use something else anyway (video too). And I have tried VLC in the default settings, so nothing aggravated. With ANY other player there are not these problems :nauseated_face: .

I have KDE Plasma also, and I installed VLC as a flatpak. I have no problems with VLC.

Just a suggestion, just because it works for me isn’t a guarantee it will work for every case.


I have no issues on Kde Plasma playing mp3 on Vlc.

I’ll try with the flatpak package.

Long time since I stopped using VLC, but I remember there were cache settings somewhere, disk cache maybe could help.