Vivaldi new tab page annoyance

hello all, id like to ask for peoples assistance on a small annoyance i am experiencing with vivaldi.
when i open a new tab page i have set it up to focus on the address bar, when i do open a new tab page tho it is only focused on it for a splitsecond before it un-focuses and i have to either f8 into it or click, does anybody perhaps know what may cause something like this?
its not really a big deal since i can as i said use f8 but id rather have it work without having to do so.

On Xfce the new tab seems to keep the focus on the address bar, so it might be a DE issue?

interesting, i am using cinnamon myself.
i just tried a new test profile and it works without issues there, so im guessing it must be an extension?

well i just tried again with all extensions disabled, it unfocuses even quicker than before

I didn’t add extensions to vivaldi. But if your test profile works, then case solved? :wink:

There also might be some setting on vivaldi that does that, as there are lots of settings…

vivaldi has a setting that specifically can let you focus on the page itself, which i have disabled, it looks like i have to really transfer my profile to a new one slowly and see where it stops working…

That sounds like a great plan! :sweat_smile:

well i decided to stay on my old profile after all, unless it breaks my browser i find it too much of a hassle to meticulously go through all of it to see what causes such a little problem, thank you for your time tho!

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I would try asking at vivaldi forum, as yea vivaldi is complex in config options and there you will find all the cracks :wink:

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There’s a Vivaldi for Linux section in the forum there. You’d surely get an answer.

Also, you can report a bug.

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small update, after some experimenting i found the cause.
im using treetabs2 as a webpanel, i do not know why it started happening but if i wanna make a new tab and do so with double clicking on the webpanel it unfocused, but if i use the plus button on vivaldis own tabs it works.
i can circumvent the need for vivaldis own tab bar by using control + t which opens a new tab without the unfocus issue.

Edit: i have just now also found out i can costumize all shortcuts to make this even more easy.

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