Vivaldi graphical interface not showing in GNOME

The day before yesterday I did a clean installation of EndeavourOS with GNOME. Everything is fine except the Vivaldi browser. When you run it, the process starts (you can see it in System Monitor), you see the main process, its subprocesses and you see that they are alive and doing things (their CPU and memory consumption varies over time). However, the Vivaldi graphical interface is never displayed in GNOME, making it completely inoperative.

I have another EndeavourOS partition with KDE and in this graphical environment it works perfectly, this problem only occurs in GNOME.

Has the same problem happened to anyone? Does anyone know how to solve it?

If you launch it from a terminal, perhaps it will output something which can be useful to you to start troubleshooting.

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Can you share a screenshot of what that looks like, might be useful to help get an idea of what the problem might be or do you mean the graphical browser doesn’t open?

If so, then it’s not a Gnome problem since it works on NixOS.

Are you using an X11 or Wayland session?

OK, I have tried to run Vivaldi from the terminal and it shows the following messages:

[3007:3007:0629/] Add WM_CHANGE_STATE to kAtomsToCache
[3007:3007:0629/184710.681889:ERROR:CONSOLE(242)] "<webview>: Script cannot be injected into content until the page has loaded.", source: extensions::webView (242)
[3007:3007:0629/] Failed to call method: org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver.GetActive: object_path= /org/freedesktop/ScreenSaver: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NotSupported: This method is not part of the idle inhibition specification:

Curiously, when in the terminal I press the keys Ctrl + C to stop the execution, the Vivaldi graphical interface appears magically with the message of if I want to close the browser…

For your information, I’m running GNOME in a Wayland session.

Try launching Vivaldi from the command-line like this?
vivaldi --ozone-platform=wayland
What happens then?

OK, perfect, it works!

The first time I launched it with that command line, it showed the same messages as before. But after a few seconds, a message was shown in GNOME desktop saying a message that something had finished installing/configuring in Vivaldi.

And from that moment, now it is possible to run Vivaldi directly from the dock.

Please, could you explain me, for my knowledge, what was the problem?

Thank you very much for your help!

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That makes Chromium/Vivaldi launch with Native Wayland support.
I’m guessing it activated something in your local Vivaldi user ~/.config/vivaldi settings that was required or expected that it wasn’t it seeing before.

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Go to vivaldi://flags, enter wayland in search box and set flag:

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I forgot about that setting, OP just had to launch Vivaldi once with the Ozone platform afterwards is launched normally without needing to use Ozone.

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