VirtualBox VM :: Installation failed: Could not install bootloader

VirtualBox Host, Online installer, BTRFS, LUKS, install bootloader into “partition /”, no custom partitioning.

VirtualBox VirtualBoxDrive was not clean and already had LUKS installed before (cancelled previous EOS install by killing VM). Selected to remove all data in virtual drive and replace with new.

Installation fail dialog formed this log automatically:

installer log from live session:

No such file or directory ( cat /var/log/endeavour-install.log )

Hardware information: inxi -Fxxc0z --no-host | eos-sendlog

Boot log: journalctl -b -0 | eos-sendlog

Is the VM configured to use UEFI?

Also you need at least 4GB of RAM for the VM for the online installer.

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No UEFI is disabled. Does UEFI needed for bootloader inside partition ?

(VM setting is VirtualBox provided defaults for “Arch Linux (64-bit)” version profile )

VBox does not need an UEFI setting, to run EnOS as a host system.
It could be an issue of not enough RAM, or CPU, or both, me thinks.

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Unchecking LUKS encryption in Calamares is what allows installation to finish. (VM is not bootable through)

What else is untypical in your setting it up the bare and simple way?
It shouldn’t be a miracle to run EnOS as a VBox host (Arch LInux 64 bit). There are multiple guides available on the net.

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I think the problem is not with VM configuration, but with installer failing when given LUKS encryption with selecting bootloader to be installed into “/” instead of Master Boot Record.

I think installer should give a warning that this combination of configuration will likely not result in bootable system.

PS. Yes, it’s not miracle, just testing out how much fool-proof EnOS installer is (without doing custom partitioning) and reporting this issue. I am planning to install EnOS on host later, testing out what to expect.

What “issue” are you talking about, exactly?
Being smart is not necessarily helpful to other people looking for solutions to their “similar” problems.

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Installing EndeavourOS KDE with provided Calamares installer via live ISO and selecting full-disk encryption and selecting to install bootloader to be installed inside “partition /” (it was similarly named, can’t remember exactly; not MBR) from dropdown. It results with Calamares giving error dialog stating that it was not possible to install bootloader. This error is issued almost at the end of installation, after everything else is already done. The solution is to select to install bootloader to Master Boot Record from that dropdown.

Please tell me, if I didn’t described it accurately enough.

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Lost in translation? I could not (ever) improve your description of your own, special problem.

But thanks for some clarification!

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