VirtualBox Server IP address switches to "localhost" on local lan

I administer a bunch of WP websites on a VPS and made backups witch Duplicator.
I run an Ubuntu Server in VirtualBox (Host = EndeauvourOS) and I can install and access each WP site just fine from within Ubuntu (running as guest in VB).
Here is the problem.
When I try to access the sites from the network (Ubuntu Server IP address is I can only see the htdocs root directory. Within that dir I do see all of the WP site names/dirs.
As soon as I try to open a site, the browser address changes from: to: localhost/sitename which is the issue.

No matter what I try, I can not get rid of localhost. Even editing the /etc/hosts file and commenting out the localhost entry does not work.

After shutting everything down for a while and going for a walk, the setup “magically” works now. There is nothing that I changed except deleting the very first site I created and start over for it was the one which would flip the server IP address to “localhost”. Now that it works it’s actually impressive. :slight_smile: