VirtualBox No Mouse After CTL-F

I just installed VirtualBox and I believe I installed extension pack.
I installed a Virtual Manjaro KDE to play with.
Launching the virtual machine (small window) everything is working normally. The strange thing I never seen before, once I press CTL-F to make it full screen, the mouse is there but does not click anything in the virtual machine.

I searched here and found a post saying change mouse to be 1.1, I tried it, I tried the last option… but still same!
As well, CTL-F makes it the only window as if full screen but screen size is still small.

The only thing I can do is closing the window from the host and using arrow keys to select power off/send shutdown signal… etc and the Enter button but not the mouse.

I noticed a message saying something like vbox client/services/kernel not working (sorry couldn’t read on small screen)
Any help highly appreciated.

When you are using wayland, deactivate the Menue Bar: