VirtualBox 7.0.2 machines fail to load

With the update to VirtualBox 7.0.2 today, none of my virtual machines would load. Installation of the VirtualBox 7.0.2 Extension Pack made no difference.

However, once I disabled “3D Acceleration” in the profile of each virtual machine, all of my virtual machines loaded without problem, but, of course, without 3D acceleration.

So, if your virtual machines fail to load, disabling “3D Acceleration” might be the temporary fix you need.

I’m hoping that a future VirtualBox update soon corrects the problem.


Yes setting 3D and it won’t boot. I honestly don’t think it makes any difference in how it works. I have been using virtualbox for a long time and i used to set 3D always but sometimes when there have been updates it didn’t allow it to work. It seems to be this way again on version 7.


I’d had similar problems in the past when VB upgraded to a brand-new release, so I decided to block the updates until it becomes more stable. v6.1.40 is very solid.

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