Virtual workspace font errors

Just installed the community BSPWM edition, but there don’t seem to be icons for the separate virtual workspaces. I can still switch to each one correctly, though. What font am I missing? The ~/.config/polybar/config.ini also shows the icons properly;

 ws-icon-[0-9]+ = <label>;<icon>
; Note that the <label> needs to correspond with the bspwm workspace name
; Neither <label> nor <icon> can contain a semicolon (;)
ws-icon-0 = "I;%{T1}  %{T-}"
ws-icon-1 = "II;%{T1}  %{T-}"
ws-icon-2 = "III;%{T1}  %{T-}"
ws-icon-3 = "IV;%{T1}  %{T-}"
ws-icon-4 = "V;%{T1}  %{T-}"
ws-icon-5 = "VI;%{T1}  %{T-}"
ws-icon-6 = "VII;%{T1}  %{T-}"
ws-icon-7 = "VIII;%{T1}  %{T-}"
ws-icon-8 = "IX;%{T1}  %{T-}"
ws-icon-9 = "X;%{T1}  %{T-}"
ws-icon-default = %{T1}  %{T-}

Should be ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols, if I’m not mistaken.

Otherwise try ttf-font-awesome or otf-font-awesome.

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all info need here

" packages-repository.txt "
" IosevkaTermNerdFontComplete.ttf "

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Just to elaborate on this comment, download the file IosevkaTermNerdFontComplete.ttf from the provided link and copy it to ~/.local/share/fonts.

cp -R IosevkaTermNerdFontComplete.ttf ~/.local/share/fonts

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Thank you! That worked.

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