Virtual dj on Endeavour OS

Hello everyone!
I have a pc with windows 10 and I am using 2 softwares: Virtual dj and Mixpad.
Unfortunately windows 10 are extremely slow and takes me too long for one simple thing to do.
So I made an experiment and I downloaded these 2 softwares on my Endeavour OS laptop (TurboX flame u7-475) using Wine. They are extremely faster than my pc but they have some bugs, like in Virtual dj I cant see clearly the beat counter and in Mixpad the play button is not working and I cant listen my project.
Is there anything I could do to fix these bugs and others I havent discover yet? I would appreciate it.
Thanks for your attention!

You cannot do much, because we are speaking about Wine, which is this complex translation layer.

Here is how much support you have for Virtual DJ in Wine:

You can check this thread about using different DE - maybe you could give it a try:

And some config options to play around:

But if I were you, I would focus on why it works so slow in Windows 10… There should not be such a big difference, and if you are into music you will expand your toolset and also you do not want to have unexpected config probems when you will go in front of an audience.

Did you try to install fresh Windows 10 in place of EoS?


I use Cinnamon not XFCE. Anyway, I will try with “Play on linux” but how can I uninstall the 2 softwares I downloaded so I can install them again?

Did you read the thread? All it says you can get different behavior depending on desktop environment used. So you could use others to get different results. And shows some config options.

IDK how you installed them in firts place. Yay / Paru / Pacman?