Virtual desktop on primary screen only

How do I make the virtual desktop only work on my primary screen?

I have 2 monitors. One LG with DP, one Iiyami with HDMI.
There are 4 virtual monitors set up.
The plasma panel is on the primary LG monitor.
As soon as I select virtual desktop, from 1 to 2 or 3, the secondary monitor also switches the virtual desktop. This is annoying and I would like to turn it off.

What settings do I need to make so that the virtual desktop only appears on my primary desktop (LG)?

This is exactly what im looking for. Sadly only for Plasma 5 :frowning:

There’s a possibility that the AI search is wrong again, but there’s not cost to try :slight_smile:
Here it is:[detail_level]=detailed&q=kde+plasma+6+how+to+make+the+virtual+desktop+only+work+on+my+primary+screen+%3F

Look for an option that allows you to restrict virtual desktops to your primary screen only
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I have already searched myself to death :sweat_smile:
Unfortunately, I cannot find such a setting.

AI is a liar :crazy_face:

I have looked through exactly what suggests a hundred times and have not found a solution. It’s very simple, it should be. Unfortunately there is no such setting. There must be another solution for this.

EDIT: Possibly all this still worked with Plasma 5…

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Oh, I was hoping for a long shot … since I’ve not been running dual screen since around 2007-08 iirc …

I hope something will come up - I totally agree that must be annoying - to use. Let’s hope for a patch :slight_smile:

Have a great supper in Germany!

edit - i think I will stop using ask ai - it’s not fruitful :wink:

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Every now and then it will land a hit :sweat_smile:

This is really annoying when I have the console open on the second monitor and change the workspace on my primary screen.
At some point, someone will provide a solution. Maybe I’ll ask at KDE Discuss. There are a lot of developers there.

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While reading at those columns, I can feel a couple of good angels in there. Might be the proper long shot ! :penguin:

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Maybe I just need to edit a configuration file. I just have no idea where to look. I’m just a user, neither a programmer nor a coder or whatever :wink:

As I said, a solution will eventually come at some point :penguin:

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I have started a new topic at KDE Discuss. If there is a solution i will let you know

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You can easily pin an application to a workspace and it’ll show on all of them.

I don’t recall plasma having this option. It is available in GNOME though.

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I understand that. But the workspace still switches on both screens. Maybe the guys from KDEDiscuss have a solution. I assume that this is a Wayland problem.

@anon64645096 @fbodymechanic
Got an answer on KDEdiscuss from nicolasfella. It ist not possible to do currently. It’s a somewhat often requested feature, and might get implemented in a future release.

So i have to live with it as it is.


If it’s that important, sometimes they gnome you better than others :wink:

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That would Gnome me perfect :wink:

I’m just sitting here thinking. . . it’s probably the one and only customization you can get in gnome and not in plasma. I’m sure it’ll come to eventually though. The kde team loves to give options.

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nicolasfella is one of the KDE developers. From the sound of it, I’m not the only one who would solve this problem. I think they will think about it and maybe implement it in a future version

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But are you on Wayland or X? Probably isnt it that easy to implementit in Wayland… :thinking:

And to imitate GNOME :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been on wayland for years since gnome 40. This computer (Debian) is gnome 43), my desktop (Fedora) is on 45. So I’ve been on wayland for . . . something like 2+ years now.

I also love the workspace switcher thing. That and the touchpad gestures were some of the things that made me leave plasma in teh first place for gnome. Glad it’s catching up :smiley:

But seriously I’m not starting a DE thing. Everyone finds what they like eventually. Nothing is perfect either. There’s things from every DE I wish would go into the others. Make one great super DE. . .

Maybe someday.

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The best feature would be Virtual Desktop on primary Screen only :rofl: