Virt Manager can't access host files

Hello, I re-installed EOS a few weeks ago Everything is great, but in Virt Manager I can no longer Re-Direct USB to access files on a thumb drive. The option to Redirect USB device is greyed out.

On my previous install of EOS I could access that thumb dive by selecting that option.

What do I need to do to gain access to that drive?

Thanks for you time

Are you using spice? If so, is the spice-vdagent installed and running on the guest?

I am not sure about the guest, is that the distro I am running on Virt Manager?

i installed spice-vdagent package on my EOS laptop that runs the Virt Manager. Still can’t Redirect USB device.

Not sure how to enable spice-vdagent, maybe that is the problem?

Thank you

spice-vdagent needs to run on the guest, not the host (which is your laptop).

Ok, I was using Mint, I will see if I can install spice-vdagent there.
Thank you

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