Vim: copy and paste with clipboard registry not working

i used the same .vimrc on manjaro os, everything works, but now used the same .vimrc on en.os … copy and paste with clipboard registry does not work.

i have made ':vmap t "+y' and ':nmap f "+p' . these t and f used to work on manjaro os , serves as copy and paste from clipboard registry, but it does not work here in en.os. even when i type "+y and "+p , also tried "*y and "*p none works.

what’s wrong ?

aha, i found the answer … finally! so much time spent.

Checking for X11-clipboard support in terminal Getting Vim to work with the X11 clipboard can be a struggle if you want to run Vim in a terminal.
In this case, you will have to check for X11 clipboard support. The GUI version of Vim always has clipboard support.

From the console, type: vim --version | grep clipboard
If you see +clipboard or +xterm_clipboard, you are good to go.
If it’s -clipboard and -xterm_clipboard, you will need to look for a version of Vim that was compiled with clipboard support.

my vim shows “-” for both clipboard support…

simply downloaded gvim. then run vim in terminal as any other terminal vim… this vim has got clipboard support. solved

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A friend of mine uses Vim to write e-books. I have no idea how he does it, but it is very powerful.
emacs and writing I understand.

i am trying to use vim. emacs i have not use yet. vim is really a beast of it own world. either use it or don’t use it. the command is confusing with other app.