Videos don't play after building x265 from the aur

pretty much what the title says, absolutely no videos play on firefox, I tried running certain apps like discord through the terminal to see if I get any errors and I did, it says the shared lib doesn’t exist. checking the built packages shows that it does provide a x265 shared lib but .so.209 instead of .so.199, is this a version problem? am I able to change anything to make programs work with the aur built version?

What did you build from AUR, specifically?

Can you share the output of ls /usr/lib/libx265*


That is the problem, your applications were built against an older version of x265.

You have three choices:

  1. Go back to the repo version of x265 instead of x265-git
  2. Rebuild the applications that depend on x265 from source against the new library
  3. Link the new version to the old name with sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

If you want to keep x265-git, the third option is orders of magnitude easier than the second. However, it isn’t guaranteed to work in all cases.

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Alright. and yeah, the second options is not viable at all cause of compiling times

Is there any specific reason you installed x265-git from the AUR or are did you just install it for the sake of having a newer version of x265?

Looks like it’s a problem of patent fees, that’s why no web browser decode HEVC/H265 videos.
But you can use extensions for your media player :

An interesting discussion here :