Video streaming with vlc

I’m a customer of Deutsche Telekom and I have ordered the entertainment package of T.K.
With all Linux distros which I tried I can view live streams of all german TV stations.
From my Fritzbox I can download a file of type m3u which I can load into the playlist of vlc.
This m3u file looks like below:
#EXTINF:0,(12) 3sat HD

#EXTINF:0,(80) ARD-alpha HD

… and many more stations

with Arch based Manjaro I only had to add the package arrib24
(pacman -S aribb24)
after that streaming with vlc worked.
But this is not sufficient for EOS
Does someone have an idea what the problem is
and waht I should install additional?

regards Hans

Can you run vlc from a terminal and see if there are any errors in the terminal when you try to open the stream?

Alternatively, you could try using smplayer for TK playback. It usually runs smoother under most LX distros than VLC, provided you have the necessary codecs installed on your system.

no error message,
nothing helpful.

smplayer did not work; I assume it can’t cope with rtp streaming protocol.
I did this: on a LinuxMint Box I streamed a TV Live show and at the same time I recorded this stream
(the result was a vlc.xxxxx.ts file) wihich I could replay on my EOS Box without any problem.
For me this means: this is not a missing codec etc.
So i assume the problem is with the rtp streaming protocol.

Did you try looking at the optional dependencies for vlc and seeing if there is anything that looks relevant that you are missing with pacman -Qi vlc?

below is the pacman -Qi vlc answer. I couldn’t find something of relevance:

Name            : vlc
Version         :
Description     : Multi-platform MPEG, VCD/DVD, and DivX player
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             :
Licenses        : LGPL2.1  GPL2
Groups          : None
Provides        : None
Depends On      : a52dec  libdvbpsi  libxpm  libdca  libproxy  lua52  libidn  libmatroska  taglib  libmpcdec  ffmpeg4.4  faad2  libmad  libmpeg2  xcb-util-keysyms  libtar  libxinerama  libsecret  libupnp  libarchive  qt5-base  qt5-x11extras  qt5-svg  freetype2  fribidi  harfbuzz  fontconfig  libxml2  gnutls  libplacebo  wayland-protocols
Optional Deps   : avahi: service discovery using bonjour protocol [installed]
                  aom: AOM AV1 codec [installed]
                  gst-plugins-base-libs: for libgst plugins [installed]
                  dav1d: dav1d AV1 decoder [installed]
                  libdvdcss: decoding encrypted DVDs [installed]
                  libavc1394: devices using the 1394ta AV/C [installed]
                  libdc1394: IEEE 1394 access plugin [installed]
                  kwallet: kwallet keystore
                  libva-vdpau-driver: vdpau backend nvidia
                  libva-intel-driver: video backend intel
                  libbluray: Blu-Ray video input [installed]
                  flac: Free Lossless Audio Codec plugin [installed]
                  twolame: TwoLAME mpeg2 encoder plugin
                  libgme: Game Music Emu plugin [installed]
                  vcdimager: navigate VCD with libvcdinfo
                  libmtp: MTP devices discovery [installed]
                  systemd-libs: udev services discovery [installed]
                  smbclient: SMB access plugin [installed]
                  libcdio: audio CD playback [installed]
                  gnu-free-fonts: subtitle font
                  ttf-dejavu: subtitle font [installed]
                  libssh2: sftp access [installed]
                  libnfs: NFS access [installed]
                  mpg123: mpg123 codec [installed]
                  protobuf: chromecast streaming [installed]
                  libmicrodns: mDNS services discovery (chromecast etc) [installed]
                  lua52-socket: http interface
                  libdvdread: DVD input module [installed]
                  libdvdnav: DVD with navigation input module [installed]
                  libogg: Ogg and OggSpots codec [installed]
                  libshout: shoutcast/icecast output plugin
                  libmodplug: MOD output plugin [installed]
                  libvpx: VP8 and VP9 codec [installed]
                  libvorbis: Vorbis decoder/encoder [installed]
                  speex: Speex codec [installed]
                  opus: opus codec [installed]
                  libtheora: theora codec [installed]
                  libpng: PNG support [installed]
                  libjpeg-turbo: JPEG support [installed]
                  librsvg: SVG plugin [installed]
                  x264: H264 encoding [installed]
                  x265: HEVC/H.265 encoder [installed]
                  zvbi: VBI/Teletext/webcam/v4l2 capture/decoding [installed]
                  libass: Subtitle support [installed]
                  libkate: Kate codec [installed]
                  libtiger: Tiger rendering for Kate streams
                  sdl_image: SDL image support
                  srt: SRT input/output plugin [installed]
                  aalib: ASCII art video output
                  libcaca: colored ASCII art video output
                  libpulse: PulseAudio audio output [installed]
                  alsa-lib: ALSA audio output [installed]
                  jack: jack audio server [installed]
                  libsamplerate: audio Resampler [installed]
                  libsoxr: SoX audio Resampler [installed]
                  lirc: lirc control
                  libgoom2: Goom visualization
                  projectm: ProjectM visualisation
                  ncurses: ncurses interface [installed]
                  libnotify: notification plugin [installed]
                  gtk3: notification plugin [installed]
                  aribb24: aribsub support [installed]
                  aribb25: aribcam support [installed]
                  pcsclite: aribcam support [installed]
Required By     : None
Optional For    : None
Conflicts With  : vlc-plugin
Replaces        : vlc-plugin
Installed Size  : 58.71 MiB
Packager        : Antonio Rojas <>
Build Date      : Tue Jul 26 23:08:49 2022
Install Date    : Sun Aug 28 17:44:54 2022
Install Reason  : Explicitly installed
Install Script  : No
Validated By    : Signature

From the VideoLan Wiki (VLC):

VLC has built-in support for RTP as a server (streaming output). As a client, VLC uses the LiveMedia library.

I installed this library but had no success.

Did you try loading a streamlink over rtsp:// instead of rtp:// from your playlist?

If it doesn’t stream after installing the live555 package, as you said, the TK is probably encoding their streams in a proprietary way?



Personal Addendum:
I keep using this in order to stream any ÖR-TV in Germany from my webbrowser:

As installable client:

Also available on Arch:

And on GitHub:

With that, you could create your own playlist, evading the TK bundle:

simple solution: I’ll change to Manjaro Linux where this problem does not exist.
I know the app Mediathekview but there are too many limitations (only stations under pub. law, not all these stations are available., etc)